Watch Tower House

Within walking distance of Mill Hill East Underground Station and benefiting from bus stops local to the entrance, Watch Tower House enjoys stunning views stretching south across the London vista

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Watch Tower House is a purpose-built mixed use ‘live/work’ development which combines residential, office, production and amenity space within an interconnected building. Originally designed and constructed in the early 1960’s, the building has been adapted and enlarged during the intervening years. In its current configuration, residential floor space predominates, with around 170 bedspaces currently being provided. The total gross internal floor space is 10,120sqm. The external footprint is 4,571sqm. The plot size is 32,629sqm (8 acres). Adjacent to Watch Tower House and to the west is an open field which lies within Green Belt. The field stretches from the rear gardens of houses in Rushden Gardens northwards to The Ridgeway where there is a dedicated access point from the road. In total, this area is some 8.3 acres. The open field and Watch Tower House are separated by an enclosed Public Right of Way, which extends from The Ridgeway in a southerly direction to Rushden Gardens. Located at the entrance to the open field off The Ridgeway and within the 8.3 acre boundary is a conference facility which can seat over 300 people. This highly specified building has its own sound system and video facilities, and the auditorium can also be divided with a movable acoustic wall. The building is currently being used as a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The combined area of the open field and Watch Tower House is some 16 acres. For further details of both this building and the open field, please see the dedicated page on this website here.

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View external pictures of building form and the extensive gardens surrounding Watch Tower House. Internal pictures indicate the high standard of decoration and maintenance. Also available is drone footage illustrating the setting of Watch Tower House and the boundary extents.

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With a frontage of some 125m onto The Ridgeway London NW7 and benefitting from two principal entrances, Watch Tower House is a landmark in the local streetscene nestled behind a mature tree screen. The property is set just inside the boundary of Metropolitan Green Belt and within the Mill Hill Conservation Area.

Within the immediate vicinity of Watch Tower House lies IBSA House which is also featured on this website here. Further to the south down Bittacy Hill lies Mill Hill East underground station. To the north along The Ridgeway, there are a number of renowned private schools and also the family friendly ‘Adam & Eve’ gastropub. Locally to Watch Tower House, quality suburban developments feature to most aspects. Just over 4 miles to the south lies Hampstead Heath, described as one of London’s most loved green open spaces. The Heath has some of the highest vantage points in London, and a remarkable range of natural habitats which include wide expanses of grassland and ancient woodland.

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